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We Offer 24/7 Security Guard & Patrol Services

We provide a diverse range of services to meet all of our clients’ needs including security patrol service, risk assessment plans, and more. At Bay Security, our team of licensed, highly trained, security personnel provides residential and commercial security services, such as: corporate buildings, construction sites security, school campuses, hotels, factories, patrol guards, shopping malls, events, parking control, mobile patrol security, and static security guards. When out in the field, we are fully equipped with radios and are outfitted with the most appropriate technology to keep you safe. Rest assured, our guards are fully certified, highly trained, and have undergone extensive background checks to meet our strict employee guidelines. The Risk Assessment Consulting Process

Our advisors offer security consulting, a process that involves the identification of existing security risks. Once a clear risk assessment has been made, our security advisors will, in turn, analyze the assessment to determine the specific security needs of the client. Bay Security Services: is prepared to put innovative security services into place, giving the client immediate security solutions. The risk assessment helps our consulting advisors define the singular needs of the client and to address those needs with an electronic and/or physical security solution: one that reasonably reflects on the clients existing budget.

Bay Security Guard Services Available Include

Real Estate & Commercial Security Services

The Bay Security Company is a premier provider of security solutions for commercial real estate properties and facilities management operations. Our approach is based on flexible, responsive, customer service-oriented programs that drive tenant success and retention, improve the overall property image, and ultimately enhance asset value

Program features include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Access control
  • Theft deterrence
  • Emergency evacuations, response and planning
  • CPR, first aid, AED
  • Tenant relations

Residential Security Services

We are uniquely capable of not only acting as your property’s guardians, but also as its ambassadors. Specifically screened and chosen for this responsibility, our officers are highly trained, impeccably dressed, and exceptionally courteous while conducting themselves with total professionalism.
Our customized services include:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Concierge security services
  • Emergency
  • Response
  • CPR/First Aid
    Mobile Patrol

Manufacturing & Industrial Security Services

Manufacturing, production, and distribution facilities face a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities. Bay Security brings security-specific experience to the table which provides our customers uninterrupted, quality service in a safe and secure environment. With everything from injuries to security breaches to loss prevention, manufacturing and industrial Our comprehensive, customized security services address such issues as:

  • Access Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures/Safety Plan development
  • Physical Security Surveys/Threat Assessments
  • Mobile Patrols
  • ID / Badging System Management
  • Labor Dispute Coverage
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • CCTV Monitoring & Response

Hospitals and Medical Security

Providing security for a hospital is different than handling the security of an industrial plant or a retail environment. Healthcare institutions face a wide array of both security and safety challenges day to day. Bay Security delivers responsive security solutions that allow our customers in the healthcare industry to provide uninterrupted, quality service in a safe and secure environment to their patients.
Healthcare Program components include:

  • Environment of Care
  • Ethics and safety training
  • Industry-leading safety record
  • Incident investigations
  • Security command centers
  • Facility patrols
  • Emergency Room Services
  • Today’s healthcare facilities have to be prepared to handle the worst of all situations, and our officers are especially prepared to provide the support and protection the medical profession needs in dealing with everything, from disasters to the mundane.

Distribution and Warehouse Security Services

Often a company’s greatest asset is its product inventory. Distribution facilities tend to be highly vulnerable to lax oversight, leading to easy accessibility and a high loss rate.
We have developed rigorous oversight processes to protect these facilities that include:

  • Access Control
  • Loss Prevention Programs
  • Interior and Exterior Traffic and Pedestrian Control
  • Vehicle / Trailer Auditing
  • Bills of Lading / Truck Seals / Inspections
  • Inventory Management

Financial & Banking Security Services

Financial & Banking Security Services
Protecting a facility, monitoring activity in and around the premises, maintaining critical operations during an emergency.
We provide all of those security solutions and more, including:

  • Access Control
  • Data Tape Transfers
  • Employee Escorts
  • Retail Branch Coverage
  • ATM Alarm Response

Schools Security Services

Our focus at institutions of higher learning is to ensure the personal safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors, as well as property protection. We provide services for colleges and universities everywhere from small, liberal arts institutions in small communities to major institutions in heavily populated cities.
Our experience enables us to handle the types of the security issues that are top priority for college administrators, such as:

  • Campus Fire Safety
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • High Rise/ Residential Life Security/Safety
  • Confrontational Situation Management
  • Access Control
  • Lock-outs and Vehicle Assists
  • Campus Escort Services
  • Student Housing Issues
  • Campus Emergency Preparedness
  • Campus Patrol
  • Parking Regulations and Control
  • Crowd Control

Construction Site Security

CCTV cameras do act as a deterrent to some opportunists, but in most cases, cameras only catch criminals after they have damaged your property, stolen your equipment and plant or vandalized your site, causing huge on-going problems.

Bay Security Services is able to provide a broad range of services allowing us to customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs so we can deliver the most cost effective security solution.

Manned patrol on foot, in or outside the perimeter 24-hour Vehicle patrol in marked or unmarked vehicles. With material theft on the rise and industrial sites often located away from the passing public or local authorities, it’s down to you to ensure that you’ve got the security of your site covered by a company you can trust.
Don’t wait till an incident that will delay the construction and cost you money.

Contact us today for a free risk assessment and quote.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

Patrol -sec is a cost effective mobile security patrol services that can be utilized fully where full time manned guarding may not be feasible.
During security patrols, security officers, in marked security vehicles, drive throughout the client’s premises, verifying the general physical security of property, buildings, vehicles, equipment and supplies.
Mobile Patrol Officers also provide other values-added services such as:

  • Checking for critical equipment failures
  • Responding to alarms and verifying alarm status
  • Providing support during emergencies
  • Providing additional security visibility for client’s communities
  • Providing back-up personnel for short-notice or fill-in officer duties at client sites
  • Our service operates 24 hrs. per day 365 days per year throughout the corridor.
  • We offer random mobile inspections to your premises on an agreed frequency which will be determined after a complete risk analysis.
  • The inspections will consist of a patrol officer arriving at your premise in a clearly identifiable response vehicle wearing a high visibility uniform standard to our patrol officers.
  • The patrol officer will then proceed to inspect your premise as per your specific instructions this can include internal as well as external patrols.
  • The inspection can be verified by the patrol officer using an electronic monitoring device that only the officer can input patrol details, this provides you the client with a detailed audit of the patrol inspection including time and date. Our high profile presence in conjunction with our security warning signs at your Premise will act as a deterrent to would be criminals and vandals at a small cost, as well as deterring crime patrol-sec will alert you to the threat of fire, flood or any other incident that may harm your business.
  • We can also provide you with peace of mind with our dedicated KEYHOLDING services so that in the event that you or your representative are unable to attend you will know that any emergency will be dealt with the utmost care and professionalism.

Loss Prevention Services

Protecting the value your business creates while most companies treat property loss as inevitable, Bay Security Services: believes that the majority of all property loss is preventable.
Driven by the cutting-edge property loss-prevention research undertaken at the Bay Security Services: and the expertise of our on-the-ground engineering force, we work with clients to identify and assess risk and help them develop proactive, cost-effective property loss prevention programs that protect against loss, safeguard business continuity, and enhance ability to supply customers.
Loss-prevention engineering services are available exclusively to Bay Security Services: clients and include:

Site evaluations
Our consultative risk evaluations will identify and analyze conditions that could result in property damage or business interruption.

Risk quality benchmarking
Comparing your company’s property exposures to your peers can help you enhance your loss control decision-making.

Project planning
Our recommendations can help minimize risk during new construction, renovation or acquisition as well as ensure that you have the proper supporting insurance cover.

Impairment services
Bay Security expert loss prevention advice will help you minimize the risk created by property protection system impairment.

Our office is prepared to receive notice of planned or emergency impairments any time, day or night, 365 days a year.

Personal Security

Our security officers on most of our assignments are the first point of contact for the majority of persons entering the clients place of business. This could be a shopping mall where the officer will have to represent the correct image to several thousand members of the general public on a daily basis or whilst on duty in an office complex where the officer may have to greet a chief executive, in all circumstances our security personnel will always represent the professional image required by us at phoenix security and most importantly the image required by the client.

Our officers are fully trained for the vast variety of duties they may be expected to carry out, training is on-going and in accordance with Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Private Security & Investigative Services

We ensure that regular client and management liaison meetings take place to provide the client with the best possible service.
Specialist Security

This will include protection for private clients, executive, corporations, music and film, TV celebrities.

All operatives are specialist trained and we can offer single staff male or female or complete security teams

Retail Shopping Centre Security Services

Retail Shopping Centre Security is a core Bay Security activity involving a great deal of quality leadership and management.
Bay Security have good experience of setting up and managing retail shopping centre contacts – from the tendering process through to starting, re-training security officers and installing innovations and working practice.

Each site we manage is different and we have to adapt to the needs and demands of each shopping centre’s management, meaning that although our core responsibilities remain the same, the methods we apply to achieve our goals can vary immensely. Flexibility is key, listening and taking on board the requirements of our clients is key and ensuring our security officers, cleaning and maintenance staff are fully aware of what is expected of them is key.Retail Shopping centre Security is a demanding task and competition in this particular sector is strong; standards often unbelievably high.

All Bay staffs, whether employed as cleaners, maintenance or security officers within a shopping Centre environment realize they are the people that shoppers and visitors to the centre’s see the most, and that excellent customer service and interaction with the general public provides a positive first impression and real benefit to shopping centre management.

Our officers are thought of as an integral part of our shopping centres, and aside from a visual security presence and an extended customer service representative, our officers provide valuable information for use by centre management seeking to enhance the visitor experience.

Corporate Security Services

Bay Security Services: are a leading specialist in the provision of quality security and support services to industry, finance, education, construction, retail, the public sector and events.

Within the corporate business world, we provide manned guarding services – a range of security activities from static guards patrolling industrial warehouses; hospitals; colleges to concierge/reception duties in office blocks within commerce; retail security officers; gate house; access/egress management.

Our many years of experience means we can offer sound advice on how to maximize the performance of your security assignment through best practice knowledge and experience working in close partnership to create an effective operation aimed at a lasting relationship with our clients.

We understand how to deal with a wide variety of security issues such as the importance of team work, discipline, clear communication and safety procedures. Backed up by the very latest in control-room technology, the controllers will support the personnel through a control room that provides 24hour, 7days a week service ensuring a fast and effective response to all security risks.

Key Holding & Alarm Response Services

Our Mobile patrol service which is fully insured provides the perfect solution for a cost effective, efficient and visible deterrent.

Bay Security Services: operate a fleet of response vehicles which are available to existing and new clients to provide a response to any type of emergency but primarily alarm activations. They can undertake scheduled visits to sites to check the security of premises or vulnerable occupants for example lone workers, social housing issues and care home patients.

This facility offers flexibility and variation to our guarding services and can often be a more cost effective approach to the security of our client’s assets.

Our vehicles are fully equipped and supported by out 24/7 Company Control Centre, thereby ensuring all activities are constantly monitored. Vehicles will be company signed or unmarked for covert operations. For certain tasks involving incident management the use of video cameras can be an option to capture and record evidence to support a client’s case. All vehicles have access to the latest technology in particular satellite navigation and tracking systems which supports and confirm KPI targets and provides relevant management information that maybe required by the client.

To improve our service and alarm response times keys for assigned areas are carried in locked safes

24/7 Alarm Response Patrol Services.

Providing valuable support in the event that your home or business alarm is activated, licensed security personnel attend your premises in accordance with your pre-determined security response plan. Contact your monitoring service and request Bay Security for alarm response.  Call now for an obligation free quote.

Car Park Security Services

The Bay Security Company provide parking security services for a number of retail parks, complex’s, hotels and shopping malls across Ontario Depending on requirement there are several security options available including static manned security guarding and regular mobile patrol guards.

In every one of our managed car park sites, Bay Security presence has dramatically reduced the number of reported car crime incidents.

Event Security & Temporary Security Services

Finding quality temporary security coverage is no longer a challenge. Bay Security Services: has the resources and expertise necessary to provide your site or event with comprehensive short-term security solutions.
Event Security Guards also provide services such as:

  • Guarding the entrances and exits
  • Ensuring that no minors are admitted (if alcohol present)

Mobile and static guards

Bay Security Services: have managed many corporate functions, festivals, concerts and civic activities over the years. Our security officers have assisted in guarding government ministers, VIP’s and world renowned celebrities. We are able to supply specialist personnel able to deal with crowd control, crisis management and intelligence gathering. In some instances, we operate we use both uniformed and non-uniformed officers to act both as visible reassurance and covert intelligence gatherers, passing information through use of our mobile control unit.

Celebrity protection &Security Management Services

Bay celebrity protection & entertainment security management services were formed to provide celebrities, entertainment and wealthy individuals a professional, discreet and effective security service.

With the ever-changing world of entertainment comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern celebrity. Bay Security Services: has updated the traditional face of celebrity and entertainment protection, by generating a secure method of protecting clients that is flexible, discreet and effective.

  • Fashion designers
  • Movie celebrities
  • Entertainment celebrities
  • Wealthy individuals

This unique method of implementing celebrity protection and security allows us to provide a thorough and robust service that can be catered to the individual needs of our clients. In addition, Bay Security can deploy individual security personal and security teams discretely and efficiently to any environment, providing low key security or protective surveillance covering both domestic and international locations.

  • Celebrity Protection
  • Personal protection
  • Family protection
  • Travel security and protection
  • Unarmed and armed security
  • Security drivers and transportation
  • Protective surveillance and security
  • Domestic and overseas security
  • Residential Security
  • Security assessments and evaluations
  • Electronic security measures/ devices
  • Dedicated security teams
  • Dedicated family teams

Transportation & Travel Security

Security Advance & Response
Security advance teams
Emergency response teams
Counter and protective surveillance teams
Our key ability is the early identification of potential threats before they occur. This enables us to make effective decisions, which prevent the opportunity to inflict damage or harm. Our services are available 24 hours a day.
Bay Security Services: provide personnel that understand the industry trends and have the unique ability to blend into their surroundings but also show a physical deterrent when necessary. Our staff are capable of running any other duties whilst on task such as transportation, family and media liaison to allow the celebrity to focus on what they do best.

Car Park Security Services

The Bay Security Company provide parking security services for a number of retail parks, complex’s, hotels and shopping malls across Ontario Depending on requirement there are several security options available including static manned security guarding and regular mobile patrol guards.

In every one of our managed car park sites, Bay Security presence has dramatically reduced the number of reported car crime incidents.