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About Bay Security Service

Bay Security Services is an innovative and enthusiastic company who understand the current needs of their clients and their market.

Professional Security Services

Whether you need temporary coverage or long term solutions, get in touch today to discuss your requirements!

Bay Security Guard Services Available Include:

We Offer 24/7 Security Guard & Patrol Services

Real Estate & Commercial Security Services

The Bay Security Company is a premier provider of security solutions for commercial real estate properties and facilities management operations.

Residential Security Services

We are uniquely capable of not only acting as your property’s guardians, but also as its ambassadors. Specifically screened and chosen for this responsibility.

Manufacturing & Industrial Security Services

Manufacturing, production, and distribution facilities face a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.

Distribution and Warehouse Security Services

Often a company’s greatest asset is its product inventory. Distribution facilities tend to be highly vulnerable to lax oversight.

Hospitals and Medical Security

Providing security for a hospital is different than handling the security of an industrial plant or a retail environment.