Personal Security

Our security officers on most of our assignments are the first point of contact for the majority of persons entering the clients place of business. This could be a shopping mall where the officer will have to represent the correct image to several thousand members of the general public on a daily basis or whilst on duty in an office complex where the officer may have to greet a chief executive, in all circumstances our security personnel will always represent the professional image required by us at phoenix security and most importantly the image required by the client.
Our officers are fully trained for the vast variety of duties they may be expected to carry out, training is on-going and in accordance with Government of Ontario's Ministry of Private Security & Investigative Services
We ensure that regular client and management liaison meetings take place to provide the client with the best possible service.
Specialist Security
This will include protection for private clients, executive, corporations, music and film, TV celebrities.
All operatives are specialist trained and we can offer single staff male or female or complete security teams.